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Lee Tarlamis MLC
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Michael Galea MLC


Ann-Marie Hermans MLC
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Rachel Payne MLC
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David Limbrick MLC
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John Berger MLC
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Ryan Batchelor MLC
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David Davis MLC
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Georgie Crozier MLC
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Katherine Copsey MLC
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If touching a red button above doesn't open an email window in your device, just copy and paste the email address shown into your email app instead. Parliament of Victoria has further information on MPs including social media, phone numbers and office locations.


Governments take time to act. But the more people ask for a 7 day Route 800 bus the sooner it will happen. Other parts of Melbourne have 7 day buses so there's no reason for us not to either.


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The Translating and Interpreting Service can help non-English speakers contact federal and state government services (including MPs). Phone 131 450.


What politicians have said about Route 800

Richard Riordan MP (Shadow Minister for Public Transport)

Rachel Payne MLC (South-East Metropolitan - Legalise Cannabis party)


Second question from Rachel Payne MLC (South-East Metropolitan - Legalise Cannabis party)


Route 800 in the media


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ABC Melbourne radio interview (17 August 2023)


The Local Paper (19 July 2023) See Page 2


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Dandenong Star Journal article (1 October 2022)


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